Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 | L.A. Sheriff's Press Conference

The NBA legend died in a helicopter crash on Sunday.
Exclusives from #ETonline :


  1. Alvin Battle

    Alvin BattlePirms 5 dienām

    Most RESPECT to the Sheriff for putting TMZ on blast for Announcing the Death of KOBE BRYANT before his family or next of kin has been notified. LACK of Disrespect by TMZ. The Sheriff did the right thing. 100!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SLIMER GIRLS Its me lindsay!

    SLIMER GIRLS Its me lindsay!Pirms 21 dienas

    I miss also kobe and gigi😭😭

  3. Jizzlord

    JizzlordPirms 22 dienām

    Kobe bryants dad was drafted by golden state Warriors 41 years before Kobe retired. G o l d e n s t a t e w a r r I o r s = 41 in the hebrew gematria code. His dad was the fourteenth pick fourteen= 41 in gematria. His highest scoring game was against the raptors 122-104 Kobe scores 81 points leaving his team to score 41 points the whole team scored 122 points the game was on 1/22. Also the word ritual=81 Kobe scores 81 that game. Shaquil o Neils birthday is March 6 1972 which is 41 days after Kobe passing. 41 is also the 13th prime. His daughter was 13. Also Joann buss of the lakers died December 16 2019.. 41 days before Kobe death. Joann = 54 in English ordinal 41. + 13= 54 (both ages of Kobe and his daughter) joe Bryant his father was born October 19 1954 Kobe died 100 days after his fathers birthday. One hundred= 54 in full reduction

  4. Com Mahalet

    Com MahaletPirms 23 dienām


  5. Lifeasalyssamia

    LifeasalyssamiaPirms 24 dienām

    Honestly l feel so bad for GiGi because she was going to be a future legend and had her whole life in front of her kobe ya he was taken away to early but he lived almost half a century he had his career he got married he had 4 kids but GiGi was honestly taken away way to early

  6. Isaac Nanecha

    Isaac NanechaPirms 24 dienām

    GOD be with them . R.I.P!!!!

  7. Kayla’s world Of happiness

    Kayla’s world Of happinessPirms 24 dienām

    I feel bad for his wife because she lost her daughter which means alot and I think it’s the poilets fault for not saying no to Kobe

  8. Kathi Arledge

    Kathi ArledgePirms 24 dienām

    Sad about Kobe but so much sadder about the children? Don’t be forgetting the children.

  9. Lucy Pellek

    Lucy PellekPirms 24 dienām

    Just heartbreaking 😭🙏💔

  10. alan smlth

    alan smlthPirms 24 dienām

    Why is everybody so shocked about there deaths? People die all over the World everyday and you may be gone tomorrow. The important thing is, do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour? Do you live like you think you have forever? do you live for Satan?

  11. The Money Maker Sports

    The Money Maker SportsPirms 24 dienām

    Kobe Hit that Hill Almost as Hard as A Woman Hitting The Wall Turning 30..#MGTOW4Life

  12. Smash 565

    Smash 565Pirms 24 dienām

    So sad

  13. O Oh

    O OhPirms 24 dienām

    I thought for awhile their was other victims but according to the community of commenters Kobe and his daughter were the only ones that died excluding the pilot that the chopper evidently didn’t have

  14. Jodie Clayton

    Jodie ClaytonPirms 24 dienām

    So very sad.prays for you all.


    SYLESTEPirms 24 dienām

    So sad and so tragic

  16. Rhys Duffy

    Rhys DuffyPirms 24 dienām

    thanks for the ads on this video

  17. R Js

    R JsPirms 24 dienām

    Anyone who See's this message you are so valuable and special to Jesus he knows you personally and loves you so unconditionally no joke!

  18. Kiara Jennings

    Kiara JenningsPirms 24 dienām

    There was others on board not just Kobe and his daughter. Prayer for all their families!💔

  19. Daniel Young

    Daniel YoungPirms 24 dienām

    This incident is very hard for a lot of people, but I believe we must keep the lives of EVERy human no matter who they are in that helicopter not only in our prayers but keep it to a good memory. A life ending tragedy affects everyone it's just not those who have certain Legacies. The real people in that helicopter that we're lost to this world were the kids😇. They did not get the chance to experience life, to learn to know what it's like to grow, and experience having families and kids of Their Own one day. And if you could only have listened their fathers and mothers and what they we're thinking at that tragic time you would understand that their sons and daughters meant more to them then trophies,status, or even their own life in which they would have given up to let them grow. God bless them. In the eyes of the Lord we all stand at the same eye level

  20. Rurdes

    RurdesPirms 24 dienām

    You can hear a helicopter in the background..

  21. Killer Mayra

    Killer MayraPirms 24 dienām

    My heart goes out to their families 💔 such a tragedy 😞


    LOVER LINKPirms 24 dienām

    this just goes to show ANYBODY can die in a tragedy no matter the status.

  23. Christian Jackson

    Christian JacksonPirms 24 dienām

    Who cares? He's a HUMAN BEING, just as we are. Otherwise, bow to nothing!!!

  24. R. C.P

    R. C.PPirms 23 dienām


  25. Debbie Thomas

    Debbie ThomasPirms 24 dienām

    My heart breaks for Vanessa and her and Kobes precious children. This is such a tragedy. 💔😢. Rip Kobe, Gianna, and all those precious souls who perished

  26. Giuseppe Floccari

    Giuseppe FloccariPirms 24 dienām

    😓😓😓😓 So tragic this is horrible

  27. PJ

    PJPirms 24 dienām

    What about the other people on the aircraft. There was 9 people but Kobe and his daughter seems to be the most important.. smdh.

  28. Charles Marvin

    Charles MarvinPirms 24 dienām

    Scripted ritual sacrifice, all by the numbers. Gematria. Just another elite puppet murdered. Gematria Effect Sports and Gematria Effect News for more. RIP. A damn shame people have to sell their soul to the zi

  29. Charles Marvin

    Charles MarvinPirms 24 dienām

    *zionist/jesuit elites who like the play god. Time to wake up folks

  30. Rah Bel

    Rah BelPirms 24 dienām

    Ana average man dies. No one cares. Wow.

  31. KillaMusiktv1

    KillaMusiktv1Pirms 24 dienām

    “Unfortunately all the SURVIVORS were determined to be parished”.

  32. ßiTE SiZE ßAяßiE

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  33. regina buelo

    regina bueloPirms 24 dienām

    God Bless to all families in mourning and are processing unspeakable grief... Rest Easy Legend....🙏

  34. DarkGemini

    DarkGeminiPirms 24 dienām

    My condolences to the rest of the families that were in that helicopter. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. 🙏🏼

  35. Ramil Caluag

    Ramil CaluagPirms 24 dienām

    imagine being the wife u lost your husband and u lost your daughter that hurts to feel :( pure respects to the wife

  36. Sandra Rios

    Sandra RiosPirms 24 dienām

    We need more fathers like him rest in peace my sweet man so sad LOVE you buddy GOD bless him so sad ♥♥♥♥♥

  37. Holly Cow

    Holly CowPirms 24 dienām

    God has no favorites when it comes to people. Everybody will survive this and move on.

  38. Aly Mattucci

    Aly MattucciPirms 24 dienām

    Rest 😴 in peace ✌️ Kobe 🏀

  39. PatroncitaLaborde

    PatroncitaLabordePirms 24 dienām

    Loosing a daughter!!! And her husband goodness, what pain 🥺🥺

  40. soap soap

    soap soapPirms 25 dienām

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️to all families

  41. MJ

    MJPirms 25 dienām

    WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😮i saw the picture but didn't read the title

  42. Benjamin aineh Aineh

    Benjamin aineh AinehPirms 25 dienām

    Never cried so hard because of someone who isnt related to me and never met. But, Kobe did make me cry. Its hard. 😭😭😭😭 RIP Kobe. Blessings to His Wife🙏

  43. Susan Falcon

    Susan FalconPirms 25 dienām

    Prayers to all the families who lost love ones.

  44. US Citizen

    US CitizenPirms 25 dienām


  45. Mandy

    MandyPirms 25 dienām

    "Inappropriate for tmz to make news until identified" I mean he isnt wrong but I'm sure this big of a news conference they knew it was true.

  46. Joenel Saracho

    Joenel SarachoPirms 25 dienām

    If the bodies of the 6 other people not found maybe maybe they are still alive i hope in the next few days they can identified the body already

  47. Bobby

    BobbyPirms 25 dienām

    Meh. Good riddance. Whatever. No one cares. Blablablabla Move along. Thank you veeeeeeery much. lol XD

  48. The Messenger

    The MessengerPirms 25 dienām

    So let me get this straight we have to be sad for a millionaire? Why dont u be sad for the children who dies everyday of starvation because they have nothing to eat.? if he died a 1000 times i Would not be sad for him. that much brainwashed celebrity worshipper i am not. Did he help the children in africa with food ? did he help the children in war zones with Water? i understand the boxer Mohamad Ali died people Was sad he did something for the people. This guy Was a selfish millionaire.there nothing called accident only what what GOD the allmighty want and it Will happen. to hell he Will be sent. his money can not avail him or his celebrity status. Only cry for people who do something for others.

  49. Su Gross

    Su GrossPirms 25 dienām


  50. Ron Si

    Ron SiPirms 25 dienām

    I’m pissed that Koby is being made a sensation while others who died with him are not given any importance. Why is anyone mourning a basketball player? Don’t people have anything better to do? I guess not. What a waste of resources and energy for a basketball player. I mean. Fuck all of you. RIP to EVERYONE who died not just Koby!!

  51. Stephanie mariah

    Stephanie mariahPirms 25 dienām

    Wow I cant imagine, how many kids does he have?? Where were they going?

  52. Stephanie mariah

    Stephanie mariahPirms 25 dienām

    How many kids does he have? What happened??

  53. Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri

    Tiger N_I_F_R ImeriPirms 25 dienām

    hope his parents are happy now...these scums...neglecting him because he married whom he loved...but all people talk bad things about Islam...that they do such things...NOPE....

  54. bob smith

    bob smithPirms 25 dienām

    "All the survivors were determined to perished" The sheriff actually said that.. WHAT AN IDIOT.

  55. Mercenary Diaz

    Mercenary DiazPirms 25 dienām

    All of the survivors perished, this reminds me of the Bill Cosby joke where he says if a plane crashed over two borders, where would they bury the survivors. Rip Kobe and all.

  56. Lori D Adams

    Lori D AdamsPirms 25 dienām

    Lifting the loved ones of all the victims in yesterday’s crash, in prayer. We just never know what a day will bring.

  57. kk doc

    kk docPirms 25 dienām

    Helicopters are extremely dangerous and difficult to fly. Used to ride them as a medical provider. Not anymore.

  58. Dee Yvonne

    Dee YvonnePirms 25 dienām

    I’m sick of Harvey’s sh*t at TMZ!!!

  59. Janelle Bean

    Janelle BeanPirms 25 dienām

    It breaks my heart

  60. Janelle Bean

    Janelle BeanPirms 25 dienām

    This is so sad I still can't believe that cobe Bryant and his daughter were killed

  61. Mzz STAAR Adony'A

    Mzz STAAR Adony'APirms 25 dienām

    🌟 ☺️ 🌟 GOD ... ____. ._? ! ?

  62. Donna Kawana

    Donna KawanaPirms 25 dienām

    First my condolences to everyone effected. Then to the media shame on you all for as usual being ur intrusive selves as always."Are the bodies still at the scene?" How ridiculous of u to ask such a question....I mean TMZ is just as shameful as always. Wanting to be first with the scoop with no regard for the family. What's next ??? Yes Cobe Bryant was a mega star...but first he was a man ,a father an a husband. So stop a sec an remember it's not our business to kno an post everything..it's just sad ...

  63. Shronda Smith

    Shronda SmithPirms 25 dienām

    My prayers are for all the victims and families this is a heartbreaking loss for each family...🙏🙏🙏