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  1. • L e a m y •

    • L e a m y •Pirms dienas

    How do nitnentod imagine Splatoon 3 :

  2. Cemal Mirza

    Cemal MirzaPirms dienas

    I got all right

  3. TheDarksider

    TheDarksiderPirms dienas

    am watching this now :)

  4. Cemal Mirza

    Cemal MirzaPirms dienas

    Even the last he playing

  5. Daria Malin

    Daria MalinPirms dienas

    Every time there’s is a white elephant show the first comment is always on KYLE

  6. Vihaan Sharma

    Vihaan SharmaPirms dienas

    Have you heard of a table

  7. RedFoxFirex [Dragon Angel]

    RedFoxFirex [Dragon Angel]Pirms dienas

    what about adding milk?

  8. Vihaan Sharma

    Vihaan SharmaPirms dienas

    What if these slipped

  9. Marcela Lorena

    Marcela LorenaPirms dienas

    Burn the chicken on fire.

  10. Maanav Maharjan

    Maanav MaharjanPirms dienas

    Danny is so quirky

  11. Sicience_ Gamer

    Sicience_ GamerPirms dienas


  12. Hussein Sub me

    Hussein Sub mePirms dienas

    De soda deskastn

  13. Im Howtobasic

    Im HowtobasicPirms dienas

    2014: *As a food cover* 2020 *Whips out bubbler* Lets do this

  14. Phlyer 34

    Phlyer 34Pirms dienas

    Jamie need to shave

  15. Alex Dino

    Alex DinoPirms dienas

    Mumbo like this

  16. WolfiePlayz _Roblox40

    WolfiePlayz _Roblox40Pirms dienas

    Its soooo cool at the time 2:25

  17. Raphael Chen

    Raphael ChenPirms dienas

    Jamie could’ve just went through the ceiling

  18. Adventures with Mady & Kirstyn

    Adventures with Mady & KirstynPirms dienas

    I would use sweet tarts

  19. Olivia TenBrock

    Olivia TenBrockPirms dienas

    0:34 why did he waste all that ice cream

  20. Vito Jace

    Vito JacePirms dienas

    “Breaking bad pg version”

  21. Mia123 S

    Mia123 SPirms dienas


  22. Skullers Gaming

    Skullers GamingPirms dienas

    The is expensive

  23. Shrek

    ShrekPirms dienas

    *Bird cage umbrella: exists* *Other umbrellas: I’m i a joke to you*

  24. Baby yoda

    Baby yodaPirms dienas

    I think vat19 stands for very awesome things and the 19 is the day you made the channel or day you met your wife or the day you were born or the age you made the channel or you were showering and like "what if I made a LVgo channel named Vat19"

  25. ZenTufu ._.

    ZenTufu ._.Pirms dienas

    imagine if phone screens were that hard to break

  26. plooomy plums

    plooomy plumsPirms dienas

    my friend who loves cats: Is that a cat? Vat19: *yesn't*

  27. Lautz Law

    Lautz LawPirms dienas

    Ⓦⓞⓦ ⓣⓗⓘⓢ ⓦⓐⓢ ⓓⓘⓖⓤⓢⓣⓘⓝⓖ

  28. Unspeakable

    UnspeakablePirms dienas

    Make a gummy Powerade bottle

  29. Sniper_Taco

    Sniper_TacoPirms dienas

    What if I need multiple notes? I buy more memo pads? Normal sticky notes are better, and they actually stick.

  30. Xiali Molina

    Xiali MolinaPirms dienas

    Any one watching this in 2020 Make the like button blue

  31. myrna carrasco

    myrna carrascoPirms dienas

    Click read more than mine common fat 19

  32. The Krazy gamer

    The Krazy gamerPirms dienas

    what a monotone french woman

  33. myrna carrasco

    myrna carrascoPirms dienas

    Play Vat19 a makeup woman cinnamon gingerbread house I will make the whole thing out of gummy and the well the guy so why you can't make it the gummies gummy house that's and it's enough for toddler toddler size and maybe whole gummy bed

  34. Boobah Pooh

    Boobah PoohPirms dienas

    Jamie your nails reminds me of squid word and your face looks like you had Botox

  35. Grace Varghese

    Grace VarghesePirms dienas

    Who is fast breaker 383

  36. John Willman

    John WillmanPirms dienas

    Meanwhile in 2020 Coronavirus free marshmallow flavor

  37. Tucker

    TuckerPirms dienas

    Square orbeez

  38. PRO Kid

    PRO KidPirms dienas

    Why don’t you guys make a gummy cake of these flavours caramel apple, red velvet,black forest and white chocolate raspberry

  39. snipershot88

    snipershot88Pirms dienas

    Nice hat man GO BLUES

  40. Adil Rahman

    Adil RahmanPirms dienas

    Pun city


    ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΠΑΡΔΑΛΗΣPirms dienas

    Am I the only one that can smell the syrup?

  42. Galactic Boyyo

    Galactic BoyyoPirms dienas

    "A kids toy on steroids"

  43. cherrie loh

    cherrie lohPirms dienas

    Was the shovel found?

  44. bitspot

    bitspotPirms dienas

    Now do the same with tarantulas

  45. Yasemin Fatou Sönmez

    Yasemin Fatou SönmezPirms dienas

    Fun fact: you didnt searched for this

  46. Melissa Sweem

    Melissa SweemPirms dienas

    But which do you scoop first, the milk or the cereal?

  47. okow tina

    okow tinaPirms dienas

    5:20 Danny looks like he’s so used to it

  48. yeET_1Oo

    yeET_1OoPirms dienas

    I always thought they said "at the birthday party, put him off his lunch"

  49. Victor Guns55

    Victor Guns55Pirms dienas

    What about a rock

  50. Desmond Crowther

    Desmond CrowtherPirms dienas

    i subbed and i love your videos!!!(:

  51. Miles Bookstaber

    Miles BookstaberPirms dienas

    I’m watching this video with my cat

  52. Lovley Lex

    Lovley LexPirms dienas

    Where my brits who call it candy floss at??

  53. themonkeyjoe

    themonkeyjoePirms dienas

    Hopefully LVgo recommends this in September so I can ask if its ran out yet..

  54. Meow Meow Videos

    Meow Meow VideosPirms dienas

    Im islam

  55. Lucas ilagan hacker pro Pro

    Lucas ilagan hacker pro ProPirms dienas

    this makes me thirsty

  56. yeET_1Oo

    yeET_1OoPirms dienas

    The cotton candy maker was a missed opportunity for confection perfection

  57. Lacey Hales

    Lacey HalesPirms dienas

    hi i am lacey and can you make the worlds largest panda teddy

  58. Lexi Mck

    Lexi MckPirms dienas

    I want to sit in a tub of those

  59. Fusion

    FusionPirms dienas


  60. Low Quality

    Low QualityPirms dienas

    Kyle:opens box Also Kyle:What's this? Rick:I'm pickle REEEEEEEEK!

  61. Renan Firaza

    Renan FirazaPirms dienas

    Hey try out paquita the one chip challenge! You will like it. :)

  62. Alicia Tan

    Alicia TanPirms dienas

    *puts lifestraw at my nose* I hope it filters out the corona virus

  63. Summoner Of Chickens

    Summoner Of ChickensPirms dienas

    i can take alot of sugar... now i wish i was there T^T

  64. June Angel Dion

    June Angel DionPirms dienas

    Theres no bowl but what did john put in the cool touch bowl?

  65. 100k without any videos challenge!

    100k without any videos challenge!Pirms dienas

    6:40 isn't that black pudding

  66. Penguin Garlic

    Penguin GarlicPirms dienas

    Why didn't you call them pie pops

  67. Gacha Q.t

    Gacha Q.tPirms dienas

    Vat19: plunge yourself into suction construction with squigz *Suction cup man has joined the chat*

  68. B Halton

    B HaltonPirms dienas

    If not for this series I’d haven never known about Vat19

  69. nay naynay

    nay naynayPirms dienas

    All things made in china but this made in japan

  70. Marcel Timmermans

    Marcel TimmermansPirms dienas

    Did you guys actually ate sharks?? Don’t you know they are near to extinction? I’m so angry right now!

  71. pastel moonstone

    pastel moonstonePirms dienas

    i think im not paying attention im drooling on the gummys

  72. Robert Hart

    Robert HartPirms dienas

    Bens hair looks like a nettle BC his hair in front where straight lol I was laughing so hard

  73. Nyrele Gandecila

    Nyrele GandecilaPirms dienas

    2:54 and 3:04 the type of happiness when i play my video games

  74. bench recto

    bench rectoPirms dienas

    Whats fun is put a small camera inside that plane and you are an ace vietnam war helicopter pilot

  75. Fidel Urieta

    Fidel UrietaPirms dienas

    the best remedy for spicy food(for me) is drinking orange juice. has a kinda weird taste but it works. bet ya dont know that

  76. Trickster Dave

    Trickster DavePirms dienas

    Now hes a TRUE Canadian.

  77. King Seeker

    King SeekerPirms dienas

    All of vat19s video Ight we got something but bigger

  78. MrCareerBully

    MrCareerBullyPirms dienas

    But does it work underwater? And dries underwater?

  79. asaad hutchinson

    asaad hutchinsonPirms dienas

    Original Jumanji is over 9000 times better than remake.

  80. Anthony Harper

    Anthony HarperPirms dienas

    I really like that new road colour

  81. Denisa Belean

    Denisa BeleanPirms dienas

    we just watched 10 minutes and 35 seconds of danny being a phenomenal cook lmao

  82. Basilis Ntellas

    Basilis NtellasPirms dienas

    When I was a little kid I didn't had Army man toys

  83. jo o

    jo oPirms dienas

    "Vegans will enjoy " *has butter in it*

  84. Mamma Skiouraki

    Mamma SkiourakiPirms dienas

    Poor John

  85. Generator Picia

    Generator PiciaPirms dienas

    I want this so bad

  86. Anne Marin

    Anne MarinPirms dienas

    I have pogs but they are gone now i have so many of them RIP POGS😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😵😵😪

  87. paker HUYNH

    paker HUYNHPirms dienas

    I hope they got Corona virus for the liking the plumb

  88. Dr Zomboss

    Dr ZombossPirms dienas

    damn it ran out of ink

  89. Noah Davis

    Noah DavisPirms dienas

    was the phone already on tho

  90. Aura Lovely

    Aura LovelyPirms dienas

    *”wOaH tHAt lOoKS hOt! WoOOooooooOaaaAAAAAAAAHHHhhhhh!!!”* Eric, 2017

  91. Chris The_Parrot

    Chris The_ParrotPirms dienas

    7:00 when it’s not exactly music to your ears...

  92. Hooman The Hooman

    Hooman The HoomanPirms dienas

    I really hope Daily Dose Of Internet asked for permission

  93. Metadragon

    MetadragonPirms dienas

    What would happen if you combined pure sugar with pure Carolina reaper powder

  94. Dia

    DiaPirms dienas

    the name reminds me of that ridiculous inflatable swan thing

  95. Jackplayz cholo

    Jackplayz choloPirms dienas

    Poor Danny

  96. KingAlphaÝT

    KingAlphaÝTPirms dienas

    rocky and mick talking mix hahahah

  97. Dia

    DiaPirms dienas

    it sounds like you’re texting on an iphone

  98. Heather Woodwen

    Heather WoodwenPirms dienas

    At the end you guys should've put the cotton candy unicorn in a pool

  99. Daniel Guzek

    Daniel GuzekPirms dienas

    Why is Danny hiding? I would love to work at Vat19

  100. Trans World Jackson

    Trans World JacksonPirms dienas

    :O so clever