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How Hygge Took Over America

How Hygge Took Over America

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How Kanye West Built Yeezy

How Kanye West Built Yeezy

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Is This Wine Worth $300 A Bottle?
How BTS Won Over America

How BTS Won Over America

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  1. David Z

    David ZPirms 23 Stundām

    I never liked Mr W but he's making some good points.

  2. the nether

    the netherPirms 23 Stundām

    That's exactly why we have to take our money back from the one percent. Stay home, stay closed. They can't make money without slaves. Now is the time to fight for better wages, healthcare, and racial equality. They are begging us to work, but we should resist. Unless you want to go back to slave wages and no healthcare, no job security. I want a better America, not just an open same as always America.

  3. Aaron Wee

    Aaron WeePirms 23 Stundām

    Sadly its only in America that this level of unemployment is really happening. Stay strong peeps

  4. imanuel wahyu

    imanuel wahyuPirms 23 Stundām

    98 kid are the worst generation

  5. Oscar Holtner

    Oscar HoltnerPirms 23 Stundām

    I was there the other day and the Sushi wasn't even cooked it was raw, not coming back again...

  6. Bobby Reborn

    Bobby RebornPirms 23 Stundām

    How about becoming Travel Vloggers? Nobody's going to revoke your entry into that!

  7. gr4g

    gr4gPirms 23 Stundām

    This is not a recession. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy right now, its just a temporary crash because of the shutdown. Stupid entitled Americans, at least you had the opportunity to go to college.

  8. Him Bike

    Him BikePirms 23 Stundām

    I’m trying to buy my first home. Cash. Problem is the seller has a Tenant who doesn’t want to leave. And CoronaV he cant be evicted. What do I do ? I feel like offering the tenant a $1000 if he is out in 30 days ? Any advice ? Thx

  9. Eniola Davis

    Eniola DavisPirms 23 Stundām

    That Asian girl is hilarious

  10. Luis Rivera

    Luis RiveraPirms 23 Stundām

    Wow I make tons of more money than a college graduate 😂😂

  11. Ichsan Nurzaman

    Ichsan NurzamanPirms 23 Stundām

    He's not going to college but he got his real estate license which required test It is not higher/secondary education but it's beyond high school education

  12. Zib Ndix

    Zib NdixPirms 23 Stundām

    Dude is so tight it's ridiculous.

  13. Tkachev Eugene

    Tkachev EugenePirms 23 Stundām

    You've spent years obtaining worthless degree and now have massive debt with no job perspectives in an economy with 25% unemployment. Welcome to real life.

  14. Hassan Mahdi

    Hassan MahdiPirms dienas

    Everyone's more important than zuckerburg and you know it

  15. ngagenokia

    ngagenokiaPirms dienas


  16. simwin7

    simwin7Pirms dienas

    OPEN THE WORLD UP! let the weak and old die

  17. sagar panda

    sagar pandaPirms dienas

    Boycott Chinese goods

  18. jojie riveral

    jojie riveralPirms dienas

    kevin : dont buy a car cause i invested in a ride sharing company

  19. Rachael Tait

    Rachael TaitPirms dienas

    Just ask any millennial

  20. StOkAz

    StOkAzPirms dienas

    does he work for the netflix real estate group? i'm pretty sure i have alreasy seen those desk and thos 2 dogs...

  21. Giulia Canciani

    Giulia CancianiPirms dienas

    I graduated during recession in Italy( 2013 unemployment rate was 13%) It was really hard but now I have a good and well paid job. So never give up!

  22. Middleastbeast

    MiddleastbeastPirms dienas

    How boring, you don’t have to be THAT cheap honestly you can eat out and still enjoy life too

  23. pika chu

    pika chuPirms dienas

    Who can still vote for Trump after this

  24. Param Chavan

    Param ChavanPirms dienas

    The Asian girl crying is wearing $300 headphones.

  25. Michelle Monroe

    Michelle MonroePirms dienas

    Every place that is still open is hiring. Yes it’s temporary and yes it may be less money but it’s at least something. People need to stop with this oh there’s no jobs right now. There are jobs. You just don’t want to do those jobs. I’ve been working before and during this.

  26. trebledc

    trebledcPirms dienas

    Actually buying food is expensive but time consuming if you prepare it. You need a strategy.

  27. Evan Tandra

    Evan TandraPirms dienas

    Graduated December 2019, still could not find a job:/

  28. rayan abu omar

    rayan abu omarPirms dienas

    actually graham does invest in index funds

  29. Doors067

    Doors067Pirms dienas

    All my hard work, crys to camera Degree; bachelors in interactive design 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Feel bad for the engineering student that sucks, but shes not crying. Im a failure to launch to dont take it to hard at first, be patient

  30. trebledc

    trebledcPirms dienas

    Earn money as much as you can, spend money as less as you can, invest on properties that self liquidate and appreciate then while in that process Make your self valuable and improve your skills into A+ by 30 you have the money and your own house then find a girl that shares your aspirations and whose age is 5 years younger. You will be well-off by 35 then make a baby. Now at 40 you got experience do your own thing that makes you happy. God bless.

  31. Meneer Gultom

    Meneer GultomPirms dienas

    University graduates are design to create jobs not looking for a job... Especially someone who graduates from Universities like Harvard, Duke, Standford... Like seriously

  32. XenaPrincess

    XenaPrincessPirms dienas

    She’s way overpaid. No way she’s worth it!

  33. trebledc

    trebledcPirms dienas

    Very good advice spot on.

  34. Janmesh Padave

    Janmesh PadavePirms dienas

    These people are actually lucky that they atleast got offers. In India we didn't get any offers in 2017. Even the jobs we tried to apply, relevant to our graduation were just ghost jobs and not a single offer or recruitment activity happened. Rejection from all places citing credential and experience as problem. But media kept portraying everything as cheerful although the real recession had started way back in mid 2017

  35. kazza0206

    kazza0206Pirms dienas

    She's so down to earth

  36. mainak majumder

    mainak majumderPirms dienas

    I have a feeling that we might actually witness the same future as is shown in Wall-E if we forget about Earth and go on With civilise the Mars BS


    TECHNOLOGY WE KNOWPirms dienas

    Surprising Kevin didn’t start talking about watches

  38. Genco Abbandando

    Genco AbbandandoPirms dienas

    Saving is stupid when the government prints more money. Your savings lose their value.

  39. King Buu

    King BuuPirms dienas

    I like my new job IM a drug dealer

  40. Paul Anderson

    Paul AndersonPirms dienas

    Drop a comment on how you actually make money . I've made over $60000 trading with Martin dwyer

  41. alborz zarifi

    alborz zarifiPirms dienas

    منم می خوام پولدار شوم

  42. damla hanım

    damla hanımPirms dienas

    ah Gen-Z🥺millenials understand you, stay strong things will be much better soon

  43. Ernesto Angela

    Ernesto AngelaPirms dienas

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  44. The Man 00

    The Man 00Pirms dienas

    I graduated with a finance degree during the recession. I got very few call backs but no offer. I was extremely desperate, so I just flat out lied on my resume. I lied and put down that I had two years experience, when in reality I had none. I ended up getting many calls and job offers. My first salary was $65,000. I left about two years later and just went from job to job in order to move up the ladder. My last corporate job I was making around $110,000 per year. I left that job around 5 years ago and now I own a successful business. Moral of the story is FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

  45. pastichka

    pastichkaPirms dienas

    I really don't understand the point of watching someone making so much money and living more frugally than most people I know. You don't like luxury clothing? But you don't like high quality clothing as well. You like supermarket cheese brands and don't have a preference about your coffee. Not my style of living at way lower money than that. Apparently I don't know him as a LVgor though, so I guess the guy is also a star.

  46. Enrique

    EnriquePirms dienas

    Glad i got an offer for a trading firm that is considered a market maker, they are the ones making more profits now than ever because their profits increase as the markets panic more. Will graduate with an MSc in Finance but all of my fellow students cant find anything now at all. Only firms that are still wanting to hire more people are market makers. I will graduate in The Netherlands and have roughly 60k in student debt, interest on it is 0% but still quite something to pay off fully in 35 years

  47. SL

    SLPirms dienas

    Graduated with a bachelor in science in 2008, I couldn't find a job in my field of study. After almost a year of job hunting, I finally 'gave up' and went back to uni for a Master's degree. After graduation (2 years later in 2011), I was overqualified for some position and too inexperienced for others. I worked in retail for approximately 1 and a half years (sad) before going back to uni for a PhD which I graduated in 2018. I have been working at a university for almost 2 years now; earning decent salary and doing a job that I really enjoy. Now, I'm thinking about a backup plan as my contract is based on research funding and it is ending in Dec 2020. Life never get easy.

  48. Rohit Banerjee

    Rohit BanerjeePirms dienas

    Graduated 20' . Medicine. Am I lucky or what?

  49. sidharth chand

    sidharth chandPirms dienas

    Buy A six to $10,000 Camry Drive it for 10 to 20 years you’ll save a lot more than taking uber

  50. Emy :)

    Emy :)Pirms dienas

    Any nursing students here? I graduate in a year and a half and I’m wondering how the job market will be for nurses in this recession. 😟

  51. Jus'Hapa

    Jus'HapaPirms dienas

    My heart goes out to these students and anyone else who has lost their job. Stay hopeful. Stay positive and push through!

  52. Jeffrey Bennett

    Jeffrey BennettPirms dienas

    I graduated 2009 with an engineering degree and worked as a cashier for a bit.

  53. Charles M Rinehart

    Charles M RinehartPirms dienas

    Taxes are sky high in California.

  54. HeadShot

    HeadShotPirms dienas

    I’m ,j. N, Note

  55. getnotoriousXBL

    getnotoriousXBLPirms dienas

    You don't need to work 15 hours a day for someone else. You do need to invest in yourself 15 hours a day though. There's a difference. Learn , grow, develop.

  56. Jeffrey Bennett

    Jeffrey BennettPirms dienas

    These kids will be competing for entry level jobs because people like me and my wife were both laid off after 8 year careers in oil and gas. Now were applying for entry level jobs in other engineering and business disciplines.

  57. Hassanul Karim

    Hassanul KarimPirms dienas

    sugardaddy and for all recent graduates.

  58. Hepò Catti

    Hepò CattiPirms dienas


  59. Dennis Fung

    Dennis FungPirms dienas

    Don't forget this is China's fault for causing this mess

  60. George Travels

    George TravelsPirms dienas

    This wont make sense right now but, buy Bitcoin. You will understand in 5 years.

  61. Ankit Bharti

    Ankit BhartiPirms dienas

    I left my government job last year to pursue my Mba as an international student. Now as the graduation day is approaching with no offers in hand, it feels like a bad decision. But again I am positive to find something that is more aligned to my experience than accepting anything. The only thing that i need and have, is support from my parents. hoping the things to turn normal soon. #proudclassof2020

  62. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiuePirms dienas

    to take a picture with me. Crazy how this comes full circle!

  63. Thomas Butler

    Thomas ButlerPirms dienas

    I told my parents I wanted to get a real estate license and be a realtor and they laughed and told me nobody would hire somebody so young for a real estate job.

  64. Alkmp75

    Alkmp75Pirms dienas

    Denmark is one of the countries that consume the most antidepressants per year(due to weather,loneliness of introvert people etc)...overrated country that spends billions on marketing , but they are great at hiding the real facts under the carpet

  65. Debbie B

    Debbie BPirms dienas

    If you want to help people, give out value information, especially in this Economy. You never know it could pay back . *One of my favorite You Tuber *Dr. Eric Berg* because he gives out healthy ways to eating , gives out information how to become healthy. Working on his 4 Million Subs, as far as Views , He has People throughout the World , watching him 24/7 . After all people are looking to become healthier. Watch With An Open Mind!!!

  66. Rodney Mark Estrella

    Rodney Mark EstrellaPirms dienas

    I had 1, i bought it for just 2$ here in my country, i think it was came from china.

  67. jin hauski

    jin hauskiPirms dienas

    There is always Uber, Lyft, McDonald's, Amazon, etc.. for temporary jobs. It is not the end of world.

  68. Benjamin Carron

    Benjamin CarronPirms dienas

    This was more sad than anything. Poor guy, he has a deep psychological fear of being poor to the point that it consumes his entire life. He makes 615k a year and has roommates. There's something more sinister that the video isn't showing

  69. Jimmy Cen

    Jimmy CenPirms dienas

    “This video is too short, and for that reason, I’m out.”

  70. Debbie B

    Debbie BPirms dienas

    Mr.O'Leary …...He's NOT going to do this videos or any videos , unless he's going to make $$$$$ off of it !!!! *Plus he's being Paid Off* There's a lot of You Tubers who's Rich ( example Felix Kfellberg, Ryan Kaji and the list goes on and on ). Even one of my favorite *Doctor*$$$$$. When you can have a Custom Home Built and include custom furniture , expensive vehicles , etcccc , you're doing something right . One thing hope everybody doing with their $$$$$$ saving for a rainy day , retirement , etcccc. Graham he will be fine financially . If you want to help , look for you tubers who doesn't have as many Viewers , they're the one who needs the help , the most .


    TARAJOOONPirms dienas

    How does Kevin get around without a car? LYFT? lol

  72. Prairie Bilton

    Prairie BiltonPirms dienas

    Kevin is jealous of Graham. I know it!

  73. Reffa /

    Reffa /Pirms dienas

    Try living on 25,000 a year 😒

  74. a64750

    a64750Pirms dienas

    i Saved the Planet by live 15 minute walk from Work. Past 100 years, stock market, real estate only Go UP

  75. J S

    J SPirms dienas

    80K from youtube a month 😧

  76. xerox7142

    xerox7142Pirms dienas

    We need to stop worshipping wealth. These people don't care about you.

  77. Manoj Kumar Kamal

    Manoj Kumar KamalPirms dienas

    In one of his interview he exclaimed that we should not leave earth and in this video he is favouring Elon for his idea of occupying mars.

  78. Jose Sandoval

    Jose SandovalPirms dienas

    I feel like our generation was set up for failure....😞

  79. Pete Boraso

    Pete BorasoPirms dienas

    These people are 25 and 28 going on 65... portland where young people go to retire.

  80. Ethan

    EthanPirms dienas

    And yet none of these geniuses know that unemployment insurance exists.

  81. Ahmed B

    Ahmed BPirms dienas

    Capitalism has collapsed again. Shocking...

  82. Badar ul islam

    Badar ul islamPirms dienas

    I personally don't like the mentality of saving by not spending at all like this guy. Its just not living, he is still broke.

  83. al zu

    al zuPirms dienas

    just got a pair and the hype is real. They are comfortable light weight, and best for driving. :)

  84. desaturated

    desaturatedPirms dienas

    LVgo is a platform for youtubers react youtubers

  85. NEON KUE

    NEON KUEPirms dienas

    Being cheap/frugal is how you save money/stay rich.

  86. Music Just For You l No Copyright

    Music Just For You l No CopyrightPirms dienas

    This is actually a blessing in disguise for those graduates who will actually spend time to seek out other forms of income generating activities and pivot away from the 9-5 which they may or may not be happy at. I'm glad that I found something profitable to do in this current trying times and suggest you to do the same as well. Hit me up if you wanna learn more!

  87. Glitterswirl

    GlitterswirlPirms dienas

    do westerners not save? in Japan we save around 50% of our paychecks every month for rainy days

  88. JVS view free

    JVS view freePirms dienas

    Why they don't teach how to earn money from blogging digital marketing postings videos on LVgo

  89. novadeus777

    novadeus777Pirms dienas

    i did the math and probably spend more than $700 a year at starbucks. OUCH. And the Shark Tank should "invest" in a better camera. I love Graham! Good video overall.

  90. Tyron - the victim - Woodley

    Tyron - the victim - WoodleyPirms dienas

    Last time I checked. Most wars/world conflicts, are caused by religious and ideological indifferences. Or straight up greed and power.

  91. Best Life

    Best LifePirms dienas

    I love graham he is one of my fav yters

  92. FanaticalDrummer

    FanaticalDrummerPirms dienas

    My indulgence is coffee. I dont spend much else. So if thats my one vice, I say big whoop lol

  93. FanaticalDrummer

    FanaticalDrummerPirms dienas

    Ive been broke and starving before for 3 days and STILL didnt eat McDonalds lol

  94. Luffy Ichigo

    Luffy IchigoPirms dienas

    I'm allergic to coffee

  95. Pee Wee

    Pee WeePirms dienas

    Being this frugal is unhealthy. When Kevin O’Leary pretty much conveys “live a little” in so many words, you know you maxed out your meiser level. “Dad can we get some popcorn at the movies” Graham: “Does the theatre offer a rebate I can use to reinvest?”

  96. Rennes Lee

    Rennes LeePirms dienas

    I can't wait to see Graham react to this video 😂

  97. Wascally Wabbit

    Wascally WabbitPirms dienas

    Just came to smash the like button and comment for the LVgo Algorithm! Watched the Reaction video from Graham's gf just now.

  98. Tom

    TomPirms dienas

    the best thing about this recession there’s no where to go, but up.

  99. Leon Le

    Leon LePirms dienas

    As soon as Mr. Wonderful talks about Grahm should diversify and invest I was thinking he should watch Meet Kevin videos

  100. SosaDa'Vinci

    SosaDa'VinciPirms dienas

    Eat or get ate, survival of the fittest, im good💸