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Welcome to the official Life of Boris LVgo channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make and DIY guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content. All in delicious slav way.
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Mysterious Boris Q&A

Mysterious Boris Q&A

Pirms 5 Mēnešiem

Kalashnikov the card game

Kalashnikov the card game

Pirms 6 Mēnešiem

Entertaining 2.5 million people
Life of Artyom: part 2

Life of Artyom: part 2

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Pirms 10 Mēnešiem

This was not a vacation.

This was not a vacation.

Pirms 10 Mēnešiem

SlavTube Rewind 2018
The 96KB Game

The 96KB Game

Pirms Gada

Life of Artyom

Life of Artyom

Pirms Gada

The vodka cooled PC
BEWARE of Boris

BEWARE of Boris

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Hot Borsch

Hot Borsch

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Boris flies a Cessna
GopPro™ 2 HD

GopPro™ 2 HD

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About the channel...
The last Boris fan mail
How to make black bread
The Uber of Chernobyl

The Uber of Chernobyl

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Gopniks eat albino semechki
Gopniks of the Square table
How to prepare Samovar
  1. ФКН 'Мифик'

    ФКН 'Мифик'Pirms dienas

    Я русский я ору

  2. Yeeter Nation

    Yeeter NationPirms dienas

    And I thought staying home and gaming all day would be a dream! But it’s not as fun as you’d think

  3. Book Halo

    Book HaloPirms dienas

    I want that cheese so badly 🤤

  4. Montage Main

    Montage MainPirms dienas

    I love how he says mayonnaise

  5. Mili

    MiliPirms dienas

    I like Boris accent, is funny and cool..

  6. cool station

    cool stationPirms dienas

    i love this channel it is just so entertaining i could watch his videos for 2 months nonstop

  7. Andrew Sawyer

    Andrew SawyerPirms dienas

    3:01 *me in my head* “vadim blyat how u find me“

  8. AboveAverageCat44

    AboveAverageCat44Pirms dienas


  9. Rubberband_ Matt

    Rubberband_ MattPirms dienas

    is eating a lemon considered slav? 2 yrs ago i ate a whole lemon and i don t regret it one bit.

  10. Nuggy

    NuggyPirms dienas

    its 2 am and im watching cooking videos

  11. Rapha Pizza

    Rapha PizzaPirms dienas

    Ey boris do you really read comments?

  12. [WPK] Preacher

    [WPK] PreacherPirms dienas


  13. SayHiToMeSenpai

    SayHiToMeSenpaiPirms dienas

    Boris, you should read lifeofboris *fanfiction* on *Wattpad* imagine how many *fangirls* will probably try to *romanticize*- I mean write about you and Anatoli

  14. Alex Bryzgalov

    Alex BryzgalovPirms dienas

    выйдет ли хоть одна серия на русском блядь??

  15. [WPK] Preacher

    [WPK] PreacherPirms dienas

    Tell me where can I find the teleportation liquid in Canada! Boris blyad show us the way!

  16. Asher Moke

    Asher MokePirms dienas

    bruh u see at 4;30 u see he no wearing mask

  17. turbo dude gaming

    turbo dude gamingPirms dienas

    I will ad you as friend, comrade Boris. Because motherland want me to.

  18. prljav kerek

    prljav kerekPirms dienas

    Ja sam iz Hrvatske. - I'm from Croatia.

  19. Jack Sussmilch

    Jack SussmilchPirms dienas

    This almost sells me on buying one

  20. Angelo morte1

    Angelo morte1Pirms dienas

    Lol been playing for years with top tier in multiple nations...... still turned in boris code for free decal and tenk

  21. houseOutside?

    houseOutside?Pirms dienas

    I share a birthday with this cat I am happy

  22. VasileRO2

    VasileRO2Pirms dienas

    Boris make cat bodies pls

  23. KiviJamba

    KiviJambaPirms dienas


  24. Someone New

    Someone NewPirms dienas

    I think I hit a block in this game and stopped because I did not know what to do next.

  25. g syarif ahmad

    g syarif ahmadPirms dienas

    Fat man can't do that

  26. L G

    L GPirms dienas

    5:32 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. God emperor Of mankind

    God emperor Of mankindPirms dienas

    not enugh 🏗

  28. Franco silva

    Franco silvaPirms dienas

    Yo soy latino y descubrí este canal hace poco. No saben cuanto aprecio poder disfrutar la experiencia Boris con Subtítulos Broder. Thank you from Venezuela Boris.

  29. Shiyama Ossen

    Shiyama OssenPirms dienas

    I ear marmite with Bread and butter 1hr before I goto gym 1 banana on the side

  30. Joan Lammatao

    Joan LammataoPirms dienas

    Try only machetes

  31. Павел Красюков

    Павел КрасюковPirms dienas

    я единственный кто искал русский комментарий

  32. Gabriel Biel

    Gabriel BielPirms dienas

    hi boris, you may not see this comment but i want to leave it here well ... i'm brazilian! yes a Brazilian watching your channel, have you seen something like this before or am I the first? I wanted to say that I can see your videos thanks to the subtitles, when they are not in my language, at least they are in English so I can follow and laugh a lot even just reading I think your work is really cool, I already introduced you to some friends at my school, they saw the store you have ... and now they are looking for a ushanka to use at school, crazy ... I am one of them because I also want to well ... I wanted to congratulate you on your channel. and for the quality of it, I really love his videos, the kind of humor and I think his accent is funny. I wish you good luck and don't stop with the channel and i used google translator to make this comment so if any words are wrong sorry

  33. Luke Chicken

    Luke ChickenPirms dienas

    Chin reveal

  34. Global Tips

    Global TipsPirms dienas

    Slav how to basic

  35. MusicalDoodlerEthanAthena

    MusicalDoodlerEthanAthenaPirms dienas

    *But I am getting off track*

  36. Ajaxx The Great

    Ajaxx The GreatPirms dienas

    You know your fucked when even the Russian considers your end of month shit to go too far

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    All you need to do is watch LifeIsBoris and do what he’s done

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    Arcade basic

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    DapperfieldPirms dienas

    11:03 That’s what she said

  40. Merten Super

    Merten SuperPirms dienas

    you will never go to Turkey

  41. James Hogan

    James HoganPirms dienas

    Sound like Jabronis to me

  42. L G

    L GPirms dienas

    hilarious GODDAMN intro

  43. Gerling animator

    Gerling animatorPirms dienas

    Ok boris i think you're estonian or ukrainian.

  44. Dapperfield

    DapperfieldPirms dienas

    Imagine this being used in gambling...

  45. Tahu Dong!

    Tahu Dong!Pirms dienas


  46. Forest brother mapping

    Forest brother mappingPirms dienas

    **2 minutes later intro starts**

  47. ZveroBoy TV

    ZveroBoy TVPirms dienas


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  49. Nuty Zero

    Nuty ZeroPirms dienas

    This looks so bad but it tastes so good wth!?

  50. RageXDD

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  51. CH0P CH0P

    CH0P CH0PPirms dienas

    140 k snacks for Artyom he isn't going to be much of a small cat anymore

  52. Derp the Dino

    Derp the DinoPirms dienas

    I am so happy this is in my recommended

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    GeraminusPirms dienas

    the battle that will end the world: slavs vs. florida men

  54. RageXDD

    RageXDDPirms dienas

    I love ARTYOM

  55. LeoTheHellene

    LeoTheHellenePirms dienas

    More pls

  56. Răzvan Iliescu

    Răzvan IliescuPirms dienas

    So i was playing a game and then i saw the name of Bадим and my reaction was like wait a second let me call Boris for reinforcements and then i thinked a bit ( im learning russian btw i just started a few day ago )and i see the name and i think what was B aha its V a д D и I M and boom i readed VADIM BLYAT And after that i remember boris video i saw ( this video exactly ) and i thinked VADIM BLYAT HE RAGE QUIT AT WAR THUNDER NOW HE PLAYS SHADOW FIGHT 3 IDI NAHUI but i still winned to VADIM ITS A DEBIL (Sorry for not very good talk i try learn russian but its hard for me cuz i kinda cand learn every day but i want to learn to give boris to a video a comment in russian not stealed from google translate like western spy) ( Also sorry for long comment )

  57. Dragon Fang rusame

    Dragon Fang rusamePirms dienas

    I want War Thunder now., and good job Boris. You need some female support, I learn quickly. Stay cheeky breeki comrades. Пока.

  58. steve jones

    steve jonesPirms dienas

    So this is basically prison cell wine?

  59. Rage slayer Realms

    Rage slayer RealmsPirms dienas

    Takes a bite of the cheese hi I am Billy The toilet wait hold on Man be cool

  60. FNATIC PronaX

    FNATIC PronaXPirms dienas

    The way he pronounced japanese is like japenis for me LOL

  61. Elmega GES [Valkyrine]

    Elmega GES [Valkyrine]Pirms dienas

    So apparently the whole babushka's-sewing-supplies-inside-danish-cookie-box is also a Slavic country thing. Good to know. Can't count how many time I've been left hungry by round danish cookie boxes being my last hope of provision only to find it filled with sewing supplies. If lucky you'll find it filled with rengginang (very yummy rice crackers) inside.

  62. Deranged Dreamer

    Deranged DreamerPirms dienas

    I am a filthy capitalist looking to join the Soviet Union. How do I join?

  63. Raphael Flores

    Raphael FloresPirms dienas

    Boris? Minecraft next, my minecraft skin is you you can have it if you want.

  64. Brian Imanuel

    Brian ImanuelPirms dienas

    Indonesian: are you challenge me?

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    Phillip Roche CastroPirms dienas

    Ra ra rasputin

  66. Alex Sedov

    Alex SedovPirms dienas

    DCS:world has a great black shark

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    Lady AugustinePirms dienas

    16:31Killed a teammate in CSGO.

  68. random crap erday

    random crap erdayPirms dienas

    Not sponsored by raid shadow legends / Pozz at 0:27

  69. random crap erday

    random crap erdayPirms dienas

    One shot of licor Me: puts hole botal in

  70. daxx77m1

    daxx77m1Pirms dienas

    o kurwa, kompot

  71. NEW OctanGaming234

    NEW OctanGaming234Pirms dienas

    Iz real

  72. smart guy

    smart guyPirms dienas

    I am playing a lot of conquerors 3 to get all the Russian WW2 skins cuz I am quarinetined

  73. Patrick MORROW

    Patrick MORROWPirms dienas

    Surely do a review of the Gopniks playing soccer in Belarus

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    123 minomdayPirms dienas

    Can someone give me the name of the sweet sound in the video? Thanks

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    SLITOK _Pirms dienas

    Я ахуел

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    Brion AllanPirms dienas

    If anyone who plays WT sees "MajorGopnik", ees not Boris. Ees only me. Feel free to add. Gopniks, unite.

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    Boris uploading so often is making me one happy cyka

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    9:49 me when i get a million subscribers

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    anh ducPirms dienas

    Vietnamese: easy :v

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    jbPirms dienas

    Why do you not use the cast iron meat grinder that you attach to the side of the counter? Use the one that has been passed down every generation since 1880.

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    might actually try war thunder to get the boris decal on a russian tank.



    I played this to my Jeep Now its UAZ

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    CryzonePirms dienas

    ay play cod warzone is free!

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    ВикаPirms dienas

    My cat haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates bananas. HATES them. He makes this EWWW face and then runs away.

  87. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude1337Pirms dienas

    This is what will cure covid-19 cyka

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    Ghost Writer565Pirms dienas

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    boris is the best

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    SenkoPirms dienas

    If Boris one day gets a child, it's literally gonna be a copy and paste cuz he that slav

  91. Kathy Houston

    Kathy HoustonPirms dienas

    Is it ok to make this by American hand as I am American

  92. Pijama time

    Pijama timePirms dienas

    Hola Boris i'm from México, the most spiciest country in the world, i have a doubt, what does cheeki breeki mean?, sorry for not knowing, me encanta tu canal, i have learned to cook to many new stuff

  93. Unofficial髭男 dism

    Unofficial髭男 dismPirms dienas


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    Will you consider doing a STALKER stream?

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    I just come here for the voice and accent

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    SebastiãoPirms dienas

    "malas" in Portuguese

  100. TheReaperOfLykos76

    TheReaperOfLykos76Pirms dienas

    Everybody gangsta till Anatoli whips out Svetlana