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I FINALLY got a new phone!!
  1. Vladimir Prodanovic

    Vladimir ProdanovicPirms dienas

    Note 10 with whitestone dome + spigen tough here 😇😉

  2. tasim1725 12

    tasim1725 12Pirms dienas

    My favorite camera is Lica 🌸

  3. andrewszombie

    andrewszombiePirms dienas

    4:45 relationship goals 😭😭💕💖

  4. danieljr. oshili

    danieljr. oshiliPirms dienas

    So my Xiaomi redmi note 7 is the least durable phone😭😭😭😭

  5. hory shet

    hory shetPirms dienas

    asus rog phone 2 be like : "then why the hell am i doing here, why this guy not mention any things bout me"

  6. andrewszombie

    andrewszombiePirms dienas

    Awww how sweet 💕💕

  7. Melanie Lujan

    Melanie LujanPirms dienas

    I have the iPod toch

  8. SNIPEZ X-FuRy

    SNIPEZ X-FuRyPirms dienas

    how did she get in a wheelchair anyway?

  9. Carlton Cohen

    Carlton CohenPirms dienas

    please give me a a50 instead of braking it

  10. Rasheeda Kader

    Rasheeda KaderPirms dienas


  11. kin ming liu

    kin ming liuPirms dienas

    Easier said than done huh?

  12. Taha YT614

    Taha YT614Pirms dienas

    But do u have a screen protector??

  13. hidenshinzou

    hidenshinzouPirms dienas

    Man You never accepted my subs when i sent them

  14. Sandro nikolaishvili 1

    Sandro nikolaishvili 1Pirms dienas

    I bought for 120$

  15. seesaw's cheesecake

    seesaw's cheesecakePirms dienas

    All i was thinking about was how he was going to find all that small lil glass pieces that flew off when he took it out 😶

  16. Ean Bayot

    Ean BayotPirms dienas

    I wish i have that kinda phone for a good purpose thanks. Donations pls.

  17. Pjes #

    Pjes #Pirms dienas

    3:05 the logo is fischer they are doind skiing equpement

  18. Mitkoplays

    MitkoplaysPirms dienas

    The s why there is a thing such as stickers

  19. Lolo John

    Lolo JohnPirms dienas

    I wonder there is a system update of nophone.

  20. Avix Frazier

    Avix FrazierPirms dienas

    Hello this is mom I need a brand new phone for my son

  21. DVlogs

    DVlogsPirms dienas

    Pity that poor phone

  22. trixiebella35

    trixiebella35Pirms dienas

    It's a korok!!!

  23. John Jacob Jingleheimer Scmidt

    John Jacob Jingleheimer ScmidtPirms dienas


  24. Isaac Kedge

    Isaac KedgePirms dienas

    I have the I phone 7

  25. John Randall

    John RandallPirms dienas

    This pixel 3a or Galaxy a5?? To upgrade or stay with what I got .

  26. SuperSpyKid11

    SuperSpyKid11Pirms dienas

    iPhone 6 gang!

  27. ༒༻Đęþāđĩđò༺༒ TC

    ༒༻Đęþāđĩđò༺༒ TCPirms dienas

    Does it work on iPhone XR? I don’t wanna to mess it up lol

  28. Thaqez Wabi

    Thaqez WabiPirms dienas

    The love from husband to his wife. Nice

  29. lord of science

    lord of sciencePirms dienas

    I litteraly dont know any 13 year old who doesnt know how that phone works

  30. Phúc Phá Phách

    Phúc Phá PháchPirms dienas


  31. Carolina Timbalaco Villamor

    Carolina Timbalaco VillamorPirms dienas

    This is how much money you wasted for a Tesla then shooting it 👎

  32. MoTa RiAm

    MoTa RiAmPirms dienas

    Half of the time, I miss his sarcasm XD

  33. TerrySees 2019

    TerrySees 2019Pirms dienas

    9mm liberty civil defense ay 2000 FPS or the same ammo with 10mm at 2,400 FPS . These may go through it.

  34. Bilal Hatia

    Bilal HatiaPirms dienas

    Here's a tip if you wanna do this on your lg G6 "DO NOT remove the top part those silver lining aren't just for the show, it works as the wireless antenna, sure your wifi will work even without it just like jack(jerry)'s lg g6 in this video it's only because he is near the router if you remove the top part the range of your wifi will drop drastically

  35. Sub2pewds

    Sub2pewdsPirms dienas

    AirPods speaker lookin like a googly eye

  36. Ricardo Milos

    Ricardo MilosPirms dienas

    6:59 gerry is supremacist

  37. Mr copyright

    Mr copyrightPirms dienas

    Obviously triforce anyone can do that

  38. DenasDenitas S

    DenasDenitas SPirms dienas

    Lets be honest we didnt try to do it

  39. PyroCynical lol

    PyroCynical lolPirms dienas

    He said that its almost impossible to fix a iPhone watch 4 *Proceeds to create a elevator without a sweat.*

  40. Allium

    AlliumPirms dienas

    In my opinion Redmi k20 pro is the most durable.

  41. Jack Garrett

    Jack GarrettPirms dienas

    Yes, every box I get with things like phones and controllers and stuff I use to store my phone on when I am done using them like a display.

  42. Shea Crowley

    Shea CrowleyPirms dienas

    take a welding/ fabrication class.

  43. Mallory Martin

    Mallory MartinPirms dienas

    “y tho”

  44. Dattatreya 124

    Dattatreya 124Pirms dienas

    The "dishonor" 6x durability test

  45. Jayson Raging

    Jayson RagingPirms dienas

    Gago to e..madamot!ping ssira mo lng

  46. the king of it all

    the king of it allPirms dienas

    Lowkey, white button is dope

  47. Cinnamon -

    Cinnamon -Pirms dienas

    Reminds me of Cicret lmao.

  48. superstar64

    superstar64Pirms dienas

    One mistake with the laser cutter and that phone gets laser straight through the motherboard. I think that’s about right.

  49. Lovely Rose

    Lovely RosePirms dienas

    There’s an Xr I feel like I should know since I have an iPhone too

  50. Dentspeed

    DentspeedPirms dienas

    Man, you should be doing voiceovers with a voice like that.

  51. Bursting ROM

    Bursting ROMPirms dienas

    Uploaded on Oct 7 2019 on Oct 8 2019 he got kidnapped and now he works in apple store for replacing the glass xD

  52. The Filch

    The FilchPirms dienas

    My eyes oh shit

  53. Lunarrr

    LunarrrPirms dienas

    i thought you were going to sponsor a d brand skin

  54. LunarKlaudia 2304

    LunarKlaudia 2304Pirms dienas

    I think this was mainly installed for cambry

  55. Collin Smith

    Collin SmithPirms dienas

    5:26 I saw a barcode on the back of his head

  56. Jon844

    Jon844Pirms dienas

    you call this a budget phone? my phone is $20 and it works fine

  57. RC freak

    RC freakPirms dienas

    Good looking because they absolutely copied apple iPhone X


    BAPI BARMANPirms dienas

    Honor 8c dark mode..

  59. El Trollendish

    El TrollendishPirms dienas

    xxtentacionxxx he would never die if he used that car

  60. Omega Clan

    Omega ClanPirms dienas

    That b*tch failed

  61. Dante

    DantePirms dienas

    At 6:58 he says white power omg

  62. Dube Za

    Dube ZaPirms dienas


  63. Gráinne Mc

    Gráinne McPirms dienas

    *decides to scratch an ipod* All of the money wasted

  64. rushX gaming

    rushX gamingPirms dienas

    Jonny sins cousin😳😳

  65. Divyatejas Venkatesh

    Divyatejas VenkateshPirms dienas

    Please rip X2 pro

  66. Flaskuu

    FlaskuuPirms dienas

    Jah should have had this.

  67. IONIX_ TY_

    IONIX_ TY_Pirms dienas


  68. HappyDayz xox

    HappyDayz xoxPirms dienas

    i hVe this phone i’m flexing rn with my yellow nails, yellow phone. sunflower phone case and my yellow accessories :) i’m cheese

  69. Ariful Md Ariful Islam.

    Ariful Md Ariful Islam.Pirms dienas

    Made gay

  70. Flandy / Фленди

    Flandy / ФлендиPirms dienas

    hello you can bend the Nokia 3310 phone they say it is the most durable, HELLO FROM BELARUS !!!

  71. LunarKlaudia 2304

    LunarKlaudia 2304Pirms dienas

    X is 10 in roman numerals but we dont know which one to actually use X or 10

  72. Ashraf Rogal

    Ashraf RogalPirms dienas

    Everyone in this comment section is astoundingly gay

  73. André Mariano

    André MarianoPirms dienas

    american houses really make it easy to change stuff arround however they also make it easy for hurricanes to change stuff arround

  74. Aniket Galande

    Aniket GalandePirms dienas

    Windows did have a serious affair with Nokia...and results are here !!

  75. Einstein A

    Einstein APirms dienas

    Step 1. How to waist a lot of money.

  76. 600 Heat

    600 HeatPirms dienas

    And here I am having trouble building a batmobile

  77. The Ranker Pranker140

    The Ranker Pranker140Pirms dienas

    Anyone else not get a dongle with there iPhone 8+ or just me

  78. BarFlat GT

    BarFlat GTPirms dienas

    He looks like if humans had a default skin

  79. funny helix

    funny helixPirms dienas


  80. Alpha Raccoon15

    Alpha Raccoon15Pirms dienas

    JerryRigEverything: how to remove Bixby from your phone Me: laughs in iPhone

  81. Merkie

    MerkiePirms dienas

    he said white power at 6:58

  82. ilove búp bê

    ilove búp bêPirms dienas

    Có mà không biết dùng Đúng là sướng quá hóa dồ

  83. Bryan Lojko

    Bryan LojkoPirms dienas

    Who ever disliked this video fuck you

  84. _TheFuZeQ_

    _TheFuZeQ_Pirms dienas

    Most similar phone to IPhone :D

  85. Nerfer 177

    Nerfer 177Pirms dienas

    Use this if you like kebords

  86. Nerfer 177

    Nerfer 177Pirms dienas

    Why wood you bie this

  87. The DoC 33

    The DoC 33Pirms dienas

    LVgo:ahh sh*& he figured it out

  88. TZ Boys

    TZ BoysPirms dienas


  89. Ravi Valencia

    Ravi ValenciaPirms dienas

    People With Claustraphobia: *Claustraphobic Noises*

  90. Thorsten Sh*t

    Thorsten Sh*tPirms dienas

    I'm so fucking disappointed that the glass broke when i tried this fucking impossible shit

  91. Bonniethebunny 637

    Bonniethebunny 637Pirms dienas


  92. FeuerScull

    FeuerScullPirms dienas

    I'd take projector any day over a foldable phone.

  93. Erik Andreas

    Erik AndreasPirms dienas

    This video is actually amazing👌👌👌 Also very true if you have this phone you will be dating no one

  94. X arts

    X artsPirms dienas

    Me:watching He scratches it Me:OMG IF U DONT WANT THAT PHONE I WILL HAVE IT

  95. Gabriel Ignacio

    Gabriel IgnacioPirms dienas

    I actually feel bad for defending this phone's susceptibility to bending as "oh durr no one's 6P is just gonna bend like that from normal use" since it's still an issue at the time. There's also the fact that the phone also had some of the worst audio performance from the headphone jack, even worse than audio performance from the same port from lower end phones around that time period, which is saying something. At least Huawei has really evolved from what it was. Too bad their phones aren't really sold in the US on an official level.

  96. Sai Kishore Tiramsetti

    Sai Kishore TiramsettiPirms dienas

    Whenever I see him breaking costly phones I literally crying...

  97. Storm Guy

    Storm GuyPirms dienas

    A guy : so what job do you have? Jerry : i destroy phones


    BLACK BIRDPirms dienas

    6:23 his face.. I'm waiting for those 😂😈


    ADEM JASHARIPirms dienas

    I like S8

  100. J T H

    J T HPirms dienas

    My Nintendo 3DS from like 5 years ago can do this