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  1. MX Sword

    MX SwordPirms dienas

    RIP 💔

  2. Young Chief

    Young ChiefPirms dienas


  3. Chris Walker

    Chris WalkerPirms dienas

    0:30 I found Lenny

  4. Y A D Z A N

    Y A D Z A NPirms dienas

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love addison

  5. Lolz Meme99

    Lolz Meme99Pirms dienas

    the tik tok dancers ruined this music video


    ALONSO ESCOBEDOPirms dienas

    tell me why i was drinking blueberry faygo

  7. D - RoD

    D - RoDPirms dienas

    Lil mosey is fucking albino😐

  8. Lil OverDose

    Lil OverDosePirms dienas

    Songs a banger + music video is fye af Song gives off positive vibes + lil Mosley’s the man Got leaked :( + still doing great**🎸‼️

  9. Jacob Dorado

    Jacob DoradoPirms dienas

    Am I the only one who doesn’t notice Addison

  10. JP2590

    JP2590Pirms dienas

    I’m only 9 and this girl kissed someone and she was my crush she knew and she broke my heart like all the other girls

  11. Traprixh Kortez Beats

    Traprixh Kortez BeatsPirms dienas

    He had to write this he cannot freestyle 😭😭


    JERIA WISEPirms dienas

    Anybody else here Jonny gill my my my in the beginning ?


    STICK LIOPirms dienas

    Am I the only one who saw Laroi with the babes

  14. Scythe Clxo

    Scythe ClxoPirms dienas

    2.4 Mil in 9 hours

  15. King LandSkull

    King LandSkullPirms dienas

    Bro this song makes me forget about what's happening in the world.

  16. Kamal Palowan

    Kamal PalowanPirms dienas

  17. The Hebrew Homie

    The Hebrew HomiePirms dienas

    I didn’t even watch the music video I just read through the comments section with D Rose blaring in the background

  18. Edwin Yanex

    Edwin YanexPirms dienas

  19. nhat phan

    nhat phanPirms dienas

    This shit is so fuckin dope🔥🔥🔥

  20. Ritchelly Nascimento

    Ritchelly NascimentoPirms dienas

    Who saw the stars of the Tik tok Like: Addison rae Comment: Lil huddy

  21. Senai Habte

    Senai HabtePirms dienas

    This is the basic girl national anthem

  22. Bray BrayTV

    Bray BrayTVPirms dienas

    I know what he ment when he said I got red I got blue what u want

  23. Kids At Play

    Kids At PlayPirms dienas

    omg cool

  24. Genesis Perez

    Genesis PerezPirms dienas

    I'm happy Charli was not in it

  25. Doctor Yizzle

    Doctor YizzlePirms dienas

    im gonna make a music video with cole one day. this cinematography is really nice man. i promise i will get on this channel

  26. Pump Overlord

    Pump OverlordPirms dienas

    Wtf why the lady look at the camera like that 2:00 😐

  27. Andrew S

    Andrew SPirms dienas

    Mans got ass all over him and is like 12 years old

  28. dripty Henderson

    dripty HendersonPirms dienas

    Mosey the whitest rapper thats black

  29. Sno Dub Music and Entertainment

    Sno Dub Music and EntertainmentPirms dienas

    Wow. Rented women. Rented house. Rented pool. Cant understand lyrics for nothing. Lil pump repetitive. Weak. Pass. #Tuckandroll

  30. ihateyall

    ihateyallPirms dienas

    I remember this song from last year. Knew he wasn't crazy enough to keep it unreleased

  31. Prince jorden734

    Prince jorden734Pirms dienas

    Lil Mosey: I Made it by myself TikTok: sure you did buddy

  32. ult

    ultPirms dienas

    Man she must be enjoying licking those balls

  33. Ivan Irwin

    Ivan IrwinPirms dienas

    He don't know sh!t about Faygo!!! Only a true juggalo knows about Faygo!!! This dude is garbage

  34. Shaun Nelson

    Shaun NelsonPirms dienas

    6ix9ine explaining every single person on earth has something to do with the problem:

  35. Chung Nungi

    Chung NungiPirms dienas

    Wtf best song everr...

  36. Jayliyh Sanchez

    Jayliyh SanchezPirms dienas

    Addison 😂

  37. Ruben Leon

    Ruben LeonPirms dienas

    2:30 why you steal my comment

  38. Samantha Sandoval

    Samantha SandovalPirms dienas

    I didnt think chase or addison shouldve been in the video sorry

  39. 10 11

    10 11Pirms dienas

    More trash

  40. Jackson O'Neal

    Jackson O'NealPirms dienas

    it’s so repetitive

  41. Foxy Smith

    Foxy SmithPirms dienas

    This is his best song

  42. Brooke Underwood

    Brooke UnderwoodPirms dienas

    Why is no one talking about how big the hype house actually is??

  43. Techniqxes

    TechniqxesPirms dienas

    Who's Here before it gets to 10k dislikes🙄

  44. OneHitWonder

    OneHitWonderPirms dienas

    Look what Justin did

  45. Gangster Graffiti

    Gangster GraffitiPirms dienas

    Does anybody else see X in the background

  46. Rise Varial

    Rise VarialPirms dienas

    Blueberry didlo

  47. Andrew

    AndrewPirms dienas

    Rom 5:6-11 LOGOS 6 For while we were still weak, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 For scarcely on behalf of a righteous man will anyone die; though perhaps for a good man someone might even dare to die. 8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 9 Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. 10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life. 11 And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom now we received the reconciliation.

  48. Corey Gendala

    Corey GendalaPirms dienas

    why is there Addison rea in this

  49. Random Memes

    Random MemesPirms dienas

    He needs so much auto tune

  50. cray 3K

    cray 3KPirms dienas

    Game 6ix klay?

  51. itz_cijay

    itz_cijayPirms dienas

    SouR $MIKEY$

  52. Tyàu On Insta

    Tyàu On InstaPirms dienas

    When you brush your teeth for the first time :

  53. YtSplashinOnYew yeard

    YtSplashinOnYew yeardPirms dienas

    U got addisonre back there isn’t u like 17 still?

  54. Aidah Pacasirang

    Aidah PacasirangPirms dienas

    They really breakin' the rules of hype house.

  55. Miryan Silva

    Miryan SilvaPirms dienas


  56. kaneki ken

    kaneki kenPirms dienas

    That juice world Is gone it makes my world even worse

  57. Reon Trills

    Reon TrillsPirms dienas

    Fw my music @funnytwon @reon trills🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  58. D Velasquez

    D VelasquezPirms dienas

    Steph during the nba break lmao

  59. Salvatore Damante

    Salvatore DamantePirms dienas

    I saw Kid Laroi

  60. Leonidas Fabian

    Leonidas FabianPirms dienas

    Chase Hudson has no absolute reason to be in the video. He probably begged to be in the video or told mosey my house so I get to be in the video

  61. Tevita Uepi

    Tevita UepiPirms dienas

    bro look at this dude at 0:51 hes like "SOCIAL DISTANCE,WHY DID I COME" HAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAA

  62. Mystic YT

    Mystic YTPirms dienas

    Is it me or this music video been better if it came out during summer

  63. Taylor 12

    Taylor 12Pirms dienas

    And chase WOW

  64. vlog win

    vlog winPirms dienas

    I love it

  65. Trashx69 Yt

    Trashx69 YtPirms dienas

    Hype house + lil moose this was better than infinity war

  66. Day Day

    Day DayPirms dienas

    Used tay tay line but duh soung hard 😂❗️

  67. jmoney sails

    jmoney sailsPirms dienas

    Adison and lil huddy

  68. TheCoolGuy GD

    TheCoolGuy GDPirms dienas

    He was not a legend... *He was a god...* *Rest in Peace man... I miss you* 🙏🏻

  69. AC Tabs

    AC TabsPirms dienas

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Me: I'll just watch godzilla during quarantine

  70. MBG 8713

    MBG 8713Pirms dienas🐐🐐🐐🐐🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎵🎶🎵

  71. Erica Sidney

    Erica SidneyPirms dienas


  72. Jake Matheus

    Jake MatheusPirms dienas

    0:40 huddy is just vibin

  73. Pedro Pablo Huenupi Tramolao

    Pedro Pablo Huenupi TramolaoPirms dienas

    I just came to video for addison

  74. Nawel Asmayou

    Nawel AsmayouPirms dienas

    This is addison rae my idol

  75. I Don't Mine

    I Don't MinePirms dienas

    0:18 no ones talking about how he did the dababy pose

  76. itspinkyklush

    itspinkyklushPirms dienas

    Who else thought the thumbnail was nle choppa ik I'm not the only one😂

  77. Ryan G

    Ryan GPirms dienas

    Yo I didn't know Trae Young was a rapper

  78. Taylor 12

    Taylor 12Pirms dienas

    They are singing at the hype house and there is Addison Rae at the beginning OMG

  79. Voltorz

    VoltorzPirms dienas

    Anybody see addison?

  80. Anthony Prokopie

    Anthony ProkopiePirms dienas

    the most retarded thing to happen to faygo since the juggalos

  81. OneHitWonder

    OneHitWonderPirms dienas

    Smh wrong nigga for this song 🤦🏾‍♂️

  82. Alfredo Lopez

    Alfredo LopezPirms dienas

    1:58 godayummm tho

  83. rawjuice

    rawjuicePirms dienas

    mans hairline legit flawless

  84. DJRS9045

    DJRS9045Pirms dienas

    I’ve listened to lil mosey before but he really do be lookin like a 9 yro

  85. Tikye

    TikyePirms dienas

    Summer 2020

  86. Brayden Jaskowiak

    Brayden JaskowiakPirms dienas

    Anyone de the kid LAROI

  87. Justin Odediran

    Justin OdediranPirms dienas

    R.I.P summer

  88. Hayden Bailey

    Hayden BaileyPirms dienas

    I cried when I saw Juice good job with putting that message at the end

  89. 7many Al d

    7many Al dPirms dienas

    nigga this bitch white

  90. Zinc 17

    Zinc 17Pirms dienas

    Sommer ray in this 😂


    SNAZZZY TVPirms dienas

    You should’ve had Yung Boy Rob in this bitch

  92. Maia Twa

    Maia TwaPirms dienas

    Tik tok honestly ruins every. Single. Song. This song was actually good until tik tok started dancing to it🥱

  93. Monica King

    Monica KingPirms dienas

    who want some of dis chicken/1:34

  94. toys play

    toys playPirms dienas

    This shit 🔥 congrats on your success and your movement lil mosey, my son's Nick name is lil mosey but his name is Moses,

  95. Kingsman 0909

    Kingsman 0909Pirms dienas

    Where is the LOPEZ BROTHERS?! Give 'em exposure!


    SYMMARIPOSAPirms dienas

    2.3 in 9 hours..yea, you can tell EVERYBODY home bored asf 😂😭

  97. D

    DPirms dienas

    So nobody’s gonna talk about where the camera was placed 0:42 😂❗️

  98. The Delinquent

    The DelinquentPirms dienas

    0:49 I see you out here partying LAROI, where’s that truck at this time tho?

  99. Grizzly3778

    Grizzly3778Pirms dienas

    I wouldn’t be able to not nut all over them

  100. Yousef & Sofi

    Yousef & SofiPirms dienas Help my channel please