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I'm Coming Out.

I'm Coming Out.

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We need to talk about...

We need to talk about...

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  1. Emma Biron

    Emma BironPirms dienas

    Her mom is so cute!!!!

  2. Waterdopje12 Roblox

    Waterdopje12 RobloxPirms dienas

    I don't know but James is so cute without makeup💞

  3. Appel Appel

    Appel AppelPirms dienas

    Very amazing engels mama i liked the accent really nais

  4. melanie melius

    melanie meliusPirms dienas

    Jeeeeee nederlands

  5. Martha Mullins

    Martha MullinsPirms dienas

    Anyone watching this after she came out??

  6. Coffeebum mum

    Coffeebum mumPirms dienas

    He's like the Bob Ross of make up

  7. ROXY80S

    ROXY80SPirms dienas

    You seem like such a sweetheart and what made me subscribe a long time ago was not only your bright light but also how talented you are❤️

  8. Ash

    AshPirms dienas

    Nikkie, thank you for being a strong woman. As a young bisexual girl (I know labels lol) it’s hard for me to be myself. It’s amazing to know that I and so many others have a strong female role model who isn’t afraid to be fully herself. Thank you

  9. Zoye Ehrhardt

    Zoye EhrhardtPirms dienas

    I'm so proud of you!!!!! I love you so much and I hope those people who tried to blackmail you goes to hell.

  10. Liz Shane

    Liz ShanePirms dienas

    Nikkie: I am trans! Me: Is it 1st April? Me: Oh no we are still in Jan! 😱 It's real!

  11. Breeanna Downes

    Breeanna DownesPirms dienas

    I'm so proud of you nikkie! ❤❤ your such a strong beautiful WOMAN ❤❤😍

  12. Kelly Robertson

    Kelly RobertsonPirms dienas

    Is it just me, or did yall cry?????? Bc I'm crying like a baby.

  13. Jennie Pagan

    Jennie PaganPirms dienas

    I’m so shocked. I never noticed!

  14. Cherry Janelle

    Cherry JanellePirms dienas

    we stan her💕

  15. dt8118

    dt8118Pirms dienas

    Amazing video I enjoyed it sooo much!!! Love u Nikki ❤️❤️

  16. Maly Siri

    Maly SiriPirms dienas

    I cried!! So much love for you Nikkie!!! This is such a powerful video. Transgenders, like LGBQ people, are such a powerful lesson of TRUTH for our society, of being a soul first and foremost, leading by example on so many levels. A lesson of respect as well. When I came out as a lesbian it felt close to what you’re feeling so I relate (except Transitioning is something even harder possibly) I’m so glad you had support from your closest peers. And now from all of us. There will be haters but please focus on the positive feedback, you are a wonderful, beautiful, boss lady! And my perception of you hasn’t changed one bit!

  17. Annemiek Van Norel

    Annemiek Van NorelPirms dienas

    I feel like she always was a woman, just with an extra leg. because those eyes are woman eyes just like the brows and her lips like.. honey you always were the damn queen you are today and I love you so much.

  18. Евгения Вайнер

    Евгения ВайнерPirms dienas

    Yor Mom is awesome ♥️

  19. Hoarse -

    Hoarse -Pirms dienas

    That’s a boy in drag. Tall ass Dutch boy in drag.

  20. VANJA P.

    VANJA P.Pirms dienas

    I LOVE YOU! Thanks

  21. Mara Kissinger

    Mara KissingerPirms dienas

    You are so brave. I'm so glad you are yourself.

  22. Michaela Young

    Michaela YoungPirms dienas

    Vrouw.... you are such an inspiration, such a strong vrouw , you are proof you can achieve anything you are destine for

  23. Sprookjes Fotografie Yada

    Sprookjes Fotografie YadaPirms dienas

    So proud of you! My son is a girly boy to and he plays with girl toys and in dresses as well. We are okay with it. And we always will support him! 😍🤗😘

  24. Jessica Juliana

    Jessica JulianaPirms dienas

    Wait what :o didn't expect that but holy hell that's Awesome!! :D you go girl!

  25. Marlymarmala

    MarlymarmalaPirms dienas

    You are gorgeous and inspiring.

  26. Стася Чайка

    Стася ЧайкаPirms dienas

    Nikki ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Sonda Tat

    Sonda TatPirms dienas

    There's no such thing as being born in the wrong body LOL it's a mental health issue. You need help.

  28. Mart Fethi

    Mart FethiPirms dienas

    شكون جا من عند جاد وهبي كي قال متحول جنسي 😁

  29. Naseeha Zahooruddin

    Naseeha ZahooruddinPirms dienas

    "Aliens just choacked on their breakfast coz they saw thisss coming from earth" Dead😂😂😂

  30. hope Meyers

    hope MeyersPirms dienas


  31. Rawr Shizzle

    Rawr ShizzlePirms dienas

    Go you! You’re amazing girl! All the support and love in this world. Sorry you were put in this situation. Keep your head up and keep rockin it!!!

  32. love XD

    love XDPirms dienas

    It’s ok we support you

  33. Annemiek Van Norel

    Annemiek Van NorelPirms dienas

    I still love you the same way Nikki. Everyone who truly loved you still do too. you are so damn strong.

  34. Jemina Mehtomaa

    Jemina MehtomaaPirms dienas

    You go girl be yourself no matter what!

  35. ThatVWGirl

    ThatVWGirlPirms dienas

    Thank you! I have hooded eyelids, so I usually don’t wear eyeshadow because it never looks right on me. I never knew or thought to take it “above the crease.” Eyeshadow here I come! 😂You’re gorgeous btw.

  36. Haven Rose

    Haven RosePirms dienas

    Nikkie we love you no matter what!!!! You are a powerful woman that I have always looked up to!!! I have already come out to my family but I now feel even more proud to be in this community because of you

  37. Poongsan

    PoongsanPirms dienas

    She got me at first half not gonna lie

  38. soulja_scoob

    soulja_scoobPirms dienas

    I looked up rabbit asmr and this showed up...

  39. Anna Lee

    Anna LeePirms dienas

    Those who complain about trans people hiding their stories, are the same people who make them feel like they need to.

  40. Maksimilian 02

    Maksimilian 02Pirms dienas

    То чувство когда "простой" Каминг аут, собирает больше просмотров, чем действительно интересный и запарный контент

  41. Tuva Johansson

    Tuva JohanssonPirms dienas


  42. loli boli

    loli boliPirms dienas

    And none of you people gonna talk about her make up???

  43. Teresa Rowe

    Teresa RowePirms dienas

    She looks 100% woman to me

  44. Jalina Curandera

    Jalina CuranderaPirms dienas

    Nikkie here is your LABEL: YOU ARE AN ILLUMINATI $#@&!! NOW. YOU WILL REGRET THIS. You can't go back now.... 📃✒

  45. Lilian Acosta

    Lilian AcostaPirms dienas

    I fucken love you! You’re so strong! Be you and fucken work it 😘

  46. bre hernandez

    bre hernandezPirms dienas

    She is amazing ♥️

  47. francisco fernando

    francisco fernandoPirms dienas

    wait WHAT???? I COULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED WTF YOU ARE SO FEMENIN I- WHAAAAAAAT I'm shocked omg my queen is trans? I don't know what to say wooooow You are so strong to come out loveeeee 💛🥰💛🥰✨✨ I'm still shocked what a surprise... I couldn't have ever guessed this

  48. ShadowDemon17

    ShadowDemon17Pirms dienas


  49. ShadowDemon17

    ShadowDemon17Pirms dienas


  50. August Bixby

    August BixbyPirms dienas

    I've never watched your videos. I don't watch beauty videos and know very little about this community but I still knew who you were. You're successful, girl. YOU did that by being YOU. Not as a heterosexual, homosexual or transsexual. It was all YOU. Congrats on coming out. Fuck haters. I'm proud of you.

  51. ShadowDemon17

    ShadowDemon17Pirms dienas


  52. May04bwu

    May04bwuPirms dienas

    I'm still conflicted about children and gender roles. I was born female but always wanted to be a male and did all the guys stuff during my childhood. Then something shifted around the age od 15 I think. A lot was happening, then I developed an eating disorder. I hated my body and I wanted my boobs to disappear and things like that. Now I'm 25, comfortably identify as a woman and can't imagine changing my mind in the future. I have no idea what to think now. I wonder what my life would be if my parents went "You wanna be a boy? Ok, you can, be a boy."

  53. AJ Fabian

    AJ FabianPirms dienas

    Your one of the most inspirational vrouw I know

  54. Morgan

    MorganPirms dienas

    You're so loved no matter what!❤

  55. just riggz

    just riggzPirms dienas

    Prove it

  56. Change Eye Color

    Change Eye ColorPirms dienas

    VERY VERY GOOD 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️♥️♥️💛💙💜💚❤️❤️♥️♥️

  57. KpxpVibes X

    KpxpVibes XPirms dienas

    I would have never thought u were a man but god ur beautiful

  58. Taly Riot Grrrl

    Taly Riot GrrrlPirms dienas

    No sé parece nada a la nikkie de ahora 😱

  59. Sumedha Sharma

    Sumedha SharmaPirms dienas

    I don't know how but I always thought that..not being judging or anything and we all still love u and ur talent😍

  60. Lola- InnerGloss

    Lola- InnerGlossPirms dienas

    Do not embrace sin but REPENT before it's too late💕

  61. Marije Langhorst

    Marije LanghorstPirms dienas

    Prachtige, krachtige vrouw!! Respect voor jou❤️

  62. Woechoem Boy

    Woechoem BoyPirms dienas

    Waaroem jij trans Why you are trans What means you are a k3ba

  63. Kristona ewing

    Kristona ewingPirms dienas

    We still love you nicky and will always love you no matter what you coming out and telling us just shows how brave you are so for that I love you girl

  64. Elaine Wohlstadter

    Elaine WohlstadterPirms dienas

    We still support you Nikkie!

  65. Acmed Haliti

    Acmed HalitiPirms dienas


  66. Human uwu

    Human uwuPirms dienas

    Why can't I like this more?

  67. Glam oura

    Glam ouraPirms dienas

    Why is your ear so red?

  68. r3ygqn

    r3ygqnPirms dienas

    ur my new role model ❤️

  69. TheMontrealGirl

    TheMontrealGirlPirms dienas


  70. Ιερώνυμος Κόρακας

    Ιερώνυμος ΚόρακαςPirms dienas

    Here's the problems I have. 1. Why a video? Why "come out"? Why TELL anyone about anything? I don't think there's any need for this whatsoever unless the entire purpose of the channel is to share her life with her audience, but I understand that's not the point, I understand the point is Make up tutorials. So why even say anything if not to bring even more attention to her, to make more money off her videos. (of course, not by this one, but the rest, gained from the popularity from this one. I'd like to see her analytics after this video). Especially in this day in age, when transgenderism is "accepted" by a big number of people, I find this kind of thing unnecessary. Whatever happened to "keeping some things private". I understand that there was somebody extorting her to keep the secret. But that's not how I would have responded. I would have just let it be, and continue on with my life. I've never watched any of her videos, but if I did before knowing this secret, I would have liked her as a person, and if I found out the secret, I would have felt the exact same way afterwards. "to take back the power"? What are you losing, other than the opportunity to tell people yourself, or to keep it private. I understand how she feels about "the decision to keep this private was robbed from me". But I disagree with the response, which is... This video. Again, the whole point of my comment is that I don't think there's a need to make these kinds of videos anymore. But best of luck to all involved, especially the boyfriend.

  71. Victor Y.

    Victor Y.Pirms dienas

    Soooooo your boyfriend proposed and you thought to just now tell him you’re trans? Wow.

  72. Valerii M.

    Valerii M.Pirms dienas

    I'm happy that you are what you are girl❤❤

  73. KayMaye 24

    KayMaye 24Pirms dienas

    you are one of the most beautiful woman ever.

  74. toslo24

    toslo24Pirms dienas

    I am not a fan of tattoos, especially on women.

  75. Tijan Joel

    Tijan JoelPirms dienas

    U Look sooo beautifull u are very talentet

  76. Ramadani SHOW

    Ramadani SHOWPirms dienas

    once again that's a dude with a p*nis... that's not a women or a girl. this is sick, this was a sickness 40-50 years ago and everybody would agree with me... now -- people are sick like this dude with a P*nis that they call a women?? what's wrong with people now a days.

  77. Elena Mead

    Elena MeadPirms dienas

    I’m sorry but if you loved your viewers that much you would not want to keep such a big secret from them for so long

  78. Cathie Gibbens

    Cathie GibbensPirms dienas


  79. Giovanni Bambu

    Giovanni BambuPirms dienas

    Puede que miente

  80. Jacklyn Tetseo

    Jacklyn TetseoPirms dienas

    I got a name...... Dragy Angel❤... 😋😋😋😋

  81. 미나К

    미나КPirms dienas

    I support and you do too🙌

  82. Sofia Zanchin

    Sofia ZanchinPirms dienas


  83. Rik Spring

    Rik SpringPirms dienas


  84. FabulousLady D

    FabulousLady DPirms dienas

    I'm late to the party but I'm an almost 60 year old woman who wants you to know how incredibly inspirational you are.. if people need you to have a label, label yourself freaking awesome! You are brave and wonderful and your smile and the energy I get from watching your video's makes me proud that there was beautiful souls like you to lead the way! It's sad that people suck but you do you and you do you amazingly!

  85. Alyssa Elizabeth

    Alyssa ElizabethPirms dienas

    Girl I'm literally crying so happy and proud of you!!!

  86. Jasmine Is mad annoying

    Jasmine Is mad annoyingPirms dienas

    congratulations nikki!!! you’re extremely courageous to share this information with us and i’m so happy for you🥺🥺🥺. always remember you have me and a whole fan base behind you and supporting you.💕💕💕

  87. Insporation

    InsporationPirms dienas

    I just can't see any masculine features here. Would never have guessed.

  88. kezia budiono

    kezia budionoPirms dienas


  89. Jessie Moshier

    Jessie MoshierPirms dienas

    Hey Nikkie, you’re so pretty and when you talked about Captain Marvels cat goose, I am going to be getting a Kitten and naming him Goose🥰

  90. Taryn Jones

    Taryn JonesPirms dienas

    Nikki no matter what I love you and support you and nothing in your past can change that

  91. Kasia Nienaber

    Kasia NienaberPirms dienas

    Laat je horen Nederlanders!😋

  92. Pixel Wolfy

    Pixel WolfyPirms dienas

    I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t even know you existed until today, but I’m proud of you! ^^

  93. loubna diafi

    loubna diafiPirms dienas


  94. Sophia Lovegood

    Sophia LovegoodPirms dienas

    11 years?! thats tough i mean really i don’t know alot of youtubers who‘re doung this for so long...

  95. Rebecca Hughes

    Rebecca HughesPirms dienas

    Anytime her your voice started wobbling I started crying with u❤️I love u boo

  96. bii hihi

    bii hihiPirms dienas

    Ik ben ook neederlans

  97. Abeer Hassan

    Abeer HassanPirms dienas

    We will always be there with you and we support you for who you are

  98. Danielle Thompson

    Danielle ThompsonPirms dienas

    Omg she looks just like her mama!

  99. shirleepoole

    shirleepoolePirms dienas

    Some people are just messed up. He is one of them. If he was supposed to be female ,God would have made him female. I'm sure he's a nice person and kind to everyone but this is not right.

  100. Angelo

    AngeloPirms dienas

    We are human not transformers