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Responding To My Coming Out.
I'm Coming Out.

I'm Coming Out.

Pirms 4 Mēnešiem

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This...
We need to talk about...

We need to talk about...

Pirms 7 Mēnešiem

  1. Tammy Eaton

    Tammy EatonPirms 23 Stundām

    I have to agree, the name of the palette is a bit creepy, but I don’t think it’ was Jeffree’s intent to be insensitive.

  2. TøLø MuSø ø

    TøLø MuSø øPirms 23 Stundām

    after 4 months, Do you still meet people, who don't believe you were born with a penis?

  3. claire o'driscoll

    claire o'driscollPirms 23 Stundām

    her accent💕😍 baby nikkie

  4. - cringy studio’s -

    - cringy studio’s -Pirms dienas


  5. Kelly Jellybean

    Kelly JellybeanPirms dienas

    I would love if she did a full face using only Juvia's Place products!

  6. Fortniteacountkoper NL

    Fortniteacountkoper NLPirms dienas

    Hallo mensen

  7. MissMaaikz

    MissMaaikzPirms dienas

    You two are serously my fave two Dutch people like please. Love you so much ❤ Kusjess~

  8. Lindsay Berndt

    Lindsay BerndtPirms dienas

    people are literally always dying people should get over it

  9. Autumn Marie

    Autumn MariePirms dienas

    I dont think there anything wrong with it. I just lost my grandfather last friday and he is being cremated. My grandfather always loved seeing his women in the family dolled up, my friend is getting me this as a gift and I love it and will keep it as a sentimental piece. 💚

  10. Red Dread Redemption

    Red Dread RedemptionPirms dienas

    "I want this to be smoking" *accidentally throws brush* Omfg, I can relate gurl!

  11. Josie Alloway

    Josie AllowayPirms dienas

    You never meant harm to anyone. I didn’t even know there was drama until he made the second video. And like he said he lost family members and dogs while even working on this palette so it’s not like he’d mean harm.

  12. Leonie Janssen

    Leonie JanssenPirms dienas

    kan je een nederlandse vidieo maken sorie voor de spellings vouten ik ben acht.

  13. Red Dread Redemption

    Red Dread RedemptionPirms dienas

    I can see both sides as well. Timing IS iffy, but there was no way to predict we'd be in this situation at the time. I also fully understand wanting to see a long term project come to fruition. I work in ceramics and I crochet with patterns I've created (both don't take quite as long as a makeup release) but they both take long enough it'd be extremely frustrating to start over, even if it was just the packaging.

  14. Syaf Khai

    Syaf KhaiPirms dienas

    Am I the only one who felt the orange on top is a no-no. It seems misplaced. Or is that new trend?

  15. Rachel Walker

    Rachel WalkerPirms dienas

    I’m living for your shirt 🤩🤩🤩

  16. Sara Aguirre

    Sara AguirrePirms dienas

    I have whatched this video about 10 times !!! I’m in Love 😍

  17. Niladri Kher

    Niladri KherPirms dienas

    but this was so gorgeous she looks different but in a adorable way I LOVE YOU NIKKI ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. victoria original

    victoria originalPirms dienas

    The theme its a thing that happens to everybody literally, we're humans, so why does it have to be offensive?

  19. Shaye Valenzuela

    Shaye ValenzuelaPirms dienas

    I love the dark eyeshadow side 😍😍😍

  20. Cristina Hernandez

    Cristina HernandezPirms dienas

    death is part of life!!! Stop being so sensitive!!!

  21. Samsung J4

    Samsung J4Pirms dienas

    Кто тоже после видео Кати Адушкиной?

  22. Amy JD

    Amy JDPirms dienas

    So sometimes you have a palette in the making for A YEAR or longer. So he had no idea we were going to be in a pandmeic.

  23. Mahana Zarei

    Mahana ZareiPirms dienas

    omg her voice 💗😍 this is so cool omggg💗💗💗ly Nikkie

  24. Majesty Wayne

    Majesty WaynePirms dienas

    If ever Jeffree will release nudes, i will really really buy one! That’s the only shade I can pull off. 🤪

  25. Marie-Andrée L'Italien

    Marie-Andrée L'ItalienPirms dienas

    Yeah I mean, I know a lot of people who got cremated and I don't find that offensive. The palet SO FAR is BOMB. The colours are perfectly chosen and matched. It's a really nice product - I don't really do the smokey eye but I can see myself wear these colours. I'm gonna get it.

  26. Talia-Leigh Barton

    Talia-Leigh BartonPirms dienas

    Nowadays it’s 6 feet away from me thanksss... DEAD🤣🤣🤣

  27. S w e e t e n e r M e l o d y

    S w e e t e n e r M e l o d yPirms dienas

    i think shes 52?

  28. Maya Louis

    Maya LouisPirms dienas

    I can’t wait to get mine!!! I will be doing a review as well

  29. Dee Dee

    Dee DeePirms dienas

    What lashes did he use omg 😍😍😍

  30. Anders Turgeon

    Anders TurgeonPirms dienas

    I got some Nadi Leach (Popluxe) vibes from you when you were ecstatic with the palette and the glosses' quality lol!

  31. Liv Gaming

    Liv GamingPirms dienas

    Davina can slay any song Nikkie can slay any look

  32. Natasha Jones

    Natasha JonesPirms dienas

    Why did I think it was the UK delivery service Hermes????

  33. Thirza Nap

    Thirza NapPirms dienas

    hear me out, this is one of my favorite videos of nikkie

  34. Viviane Barros :: MBTD Advogados

    Viviane Barros :: MBTD AdvogadosPirms dienas

    This is actually a Brazil Flag look! Love it!

  35. achanwahn

    achanwahnPirms dienas

    I don't like the names on a good day, but I have a gothic friend and she'd love it. So, to each their own

  36. Sev Cruz

    Sev CruzPirms dienas

    i love all the colors.the name doesn't matter...

  37. 이달의소녀 이브

    이달의소녀 이브Pirms dienas

    If you get offended by death, jump out of a window already

  38. Rocci Alvarez

    Rocci AlvarezPirms dienas

    She referred to herself as nikkietutorials 😂😂😂 even I just refer to her as nikkie

  39. Vanessa Leu

    Vanessa LeuPirms dienas

    J'adore trop drôle

  40. L Squared

    L SquaredPirms dienas

    Did she use coroner's kiss for the grey gloss? She didn't specify. It's all grayish. haha

  41. Emma Case

    Emma CasePirms dienas

    The only funny thing about the timing to me is that it seems like a missed opportunity to not release this around Halloween!

  42. Doezie Game

    Doezie GamePirms dienas

    Hi Nikki😁😁 you problebly aren' t going to react, but what highlighter are you using?😃

  43. Kathryn Moffett

    Kathryn MoffettPirms dienas

    You look super sweet-cute! :3 <3

  44. L Squared

    L SquaredPirms dienas

    OMG POMM PALETTE!!!! like the new palm pilot! hahaha

  45. Sarah Korver

    Sarah KorverPirms dienas

    Love all your videos! Your amazing! X

  46. katllyn R.

    katllyn R.Pirms dienas

    I'm more scared of pain than death, beacause I know and understand that at some point we all will die. But for pain, even though I know it will go away I also know that some part of that pain is going to stay with you forever. And if you feel or remember that part again, it's like all the pain that you felt will come back.

  47. Janette Quezada

    Janette QuezadaPirms dienas

    He didn’t know about the pandemic’s not like he’s going to sell expired makeup

  48. Ruby Lee

    Ruby LeePirms dienas

    I loooove green eye shadow, it's great for brown eyes, or at least I love it with my brown eyes lol the only problem I come across is a lot of green shadows aren't pigmented enough.

  49. Daniela Bassano

    Daniela BassanoPirms dienas

    The name sounds controversial because of covid just for the coincidence of covid happening while probably he was already producing it....the real problem is that also this ,as many other things seems to confirm JS as a nazi sympathizers.

  50. nichol Balos

    nichol BalosPirms dienas

    You are cuet

  51. Ana M

    Ana MPirms dienas

    It's just the name of a palette. Relax people.

  52. Emily leswing

    Emily leswingPirms dienas

    i love ur shirt

  53. Victoria Malikova

    Victoria MalikovaPirms dienas

    People who are mad by the name of a pallete need to study business operations, cuz unless it's Jaclyn Hill's mouldy lipsticks and other crappy quality cosmetics, make up takes a whole long process from planning to launch. As Nikki pointed out it can't be done fast. And as Jeffree said in one of his replies to criticism he wanted to sell a fresh product. So talking about timing again, make up takes a lot of time to create: planning, formulating, choosing layouts, like in Shane' s promotional documentary for their cooperation (Conspiracy collection) with Jeffree, I think it shows the process well enough to make rational conclusions. It's Business, people need to understand this. Some businesses are in terrible situations atm and I'm more many people would do anything to earn money and releasing a pallets with a "controversial" name isn't the worst thing to do in a situation. Also as someone who studies environmental sociology, I can assure that the name could be rather met nicely in some communities if not pandemic. So, maybe we should do everything we can to try and stop pandemic spreading and not criticise people making money? Or aren't they allowed to make money? Maybe that's a real answer.

  54. Forketti

    ForkettiPirms dienas

    24 shades of Grijs! Love it 😻

  55. Megan Salsberry

    Megan SalsberryPirms dienas

    Your eyes pop out with the darker side it’s so gorgeous 😍😍😍

  56. Liz Shiro Vlogs

    Liz Shiro VlogsPirms dienas

    Omg! I want a nude palette from jeffery, please and thank you!

  57. Michelle haynes

    Michelle haynesPirms dienas

    I loved the light Smokey look it would be great for my fair skin, but the price of this pallet WOW.

  58. Monica _

    Monica _Pirms dienas

    My 5 yr old daughter says you are beautiful, and look like a unicorn and Cristine is creepy. Lol

  59. Liz Shiro Vlogs

    Liz Shiro VlogsPirms dienas

    This is the funniest palette ever! It's a sad with what's going on in the world, but this pallette is so orignal! I actually love how there are so many different options for the same tone! I wish there were more pallettes like this. It's clever and so hillarious! Good job Jeffrey!

  60. Naomi Ponce

    Naomi PoncePirms dienas

    You showed your own bias in the first 2 minutes. The issue isn't the name, its how the shades will only show up on certain skin shades, cmon girl. If you're a person of color or a black person do yourself a favor and get off of this channel, it was not created with people like us in mind. I am NOT saying every drop has to be geared towards my skin tone but I will not be wasting my money on something that isn't, make sense?

  61. Jie Ren

    Jie RenPirms dienas

    eyebrows not on point sis lol

  62. Lorraine Groot

    Lorraine GrootPirms dienas

    Nikkie ik hou nog steeds van je! ❤️❤️❤️ Iedereen die nu anders is gaan denk over je (op een slechte manier) zeg ik: “Gast doe normaal! Respecteer haar gwn zoals ze is! Of ga gwn weg want ze heeft nu mensen nodig die van haar houden!😒❤️” ik ben een van de mensen die je steunt!❤️😘🙂

  63. Femke van Tongeren

    Femke van TongerenPirms dienas

    you are so good! :)